Album: To All The Girls (2011)

Song: Sick Feline

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With a passion for writing and all kinds of music, i was born and raised in Philadelphia and South Jersey; married an actress and moved to Hollywood in the late 80's. There i delivered, wrote and shopped screenplays among entertainment clientele until i auditioned to be a part of a mobile entertainment unit as a spoken word artist. i was one of 14 out of 40 chosen, became part of the final 8 and went on to write skits that spoofed the scenes of movies for actors aboard the unit. In 2000, a performance at a popular nightclub and chance encounter in Atlanta afforded me the opportunity to write music videos for a company of 4 multi-talented sisters that sing, write, act and produce. Influenced by this, i put my own poetry to song and got some club and radio airtime in ATL and was featured in publications. As far as writing, I write it all: Scripts of all types, jingles, poetry etc. I love it. So, if you can't see me, hear me. If you can't hear me, feel me. It's all in the music.

"Spotlight on Music/Spoken Word by Angel Wings Publications, LLC A Special Thank You To M-O-M-M-A "AK" Allen Kai is a Spoken Word artist who writes inspirational poetry. A native of Philadelphia, he writes about real life experiences. In the attached track (above), he gives thanks to his Grandmother for all of her love and support" - Sharon R. Wells , Angel Wings Publications, LLC

Some of AK's written works won a Poet Fellowship Award,
an Editor's Choice Award and were nominated for an
International Society Of Poets Membership which
holds a list of priveledged and famous people.

AK continues to spit passion poetry atop all music genras as soUNdz AK. Hopes to be a sharing future force felt; future being now. Feel him up ;)